Mobility a function of strength and flexability

This weeks work on the cossack project included more deep squats. plus not shown in the photo is work on my  stretch reflex

it’s a contra body exercise. to get your hamstrings loose. You need to train them how to relax by stretching out your quadriceps. facia first.  don’t just bend over and touch your toes thinking your stretching your hamstring out.  stretch out the opposing muscle group (quads) and the hammies will relax. over time this will train them to be in a more  relaxed state

Mobility is strength in the range of motion of the muscle.
The difference between mobility and flexibility is that with mobility
you have control over the range of motion.
For example, you are probably able to lift your leg relatively high
with the assistance of your arms. That’s flexibility.
Mobility is when you are able to control the entire range of motion of the
leg with just the leg muscles: you don’t need assistance to lift the leg up.
It’s possible to have strength in your muscles in just small range of motions.
That’s why strength alone isn’t enough: you need to
train the entire range of motion to build mobility.

Next week animal crawls!




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