How Heavy do yo need to lift for max leg exercises

how heavy

We hit the same exercises with the same intensity, so our progress slows, crawls, and eventually stops. Don’t get comfortable; get uncomfortable! Try some new exercises.

if your gym has some leg gear that yo never use get on it and hit your legs from different angles. no equipment, do bulgarian split squats with bodyweight after your leg workout to get every last fiber in your legs firing. so again how heavy? just enough so you can feel the muscle that you are exercises contract. then control the negitive or ecentric half of the lift go as slowly as possible in this phase. just like in the last video I stress the negitives. too many folks get the momemtum going on a machine and dont get the full benefit of the set. make your time in the gym count. If you think it takes 2 hours to get a good leg workout in, your doing it wrong. Get over to and download the free workouts. If you like what you see let me train you and I promise you will start getting the results that you deserve. you say “it costs to much” well how much does it cost to keep wasting your time doing what your doing?

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