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Every bend is a beginning, every step a discovery.


Why I Became A Personal Trainer


I faced the challenges of addiction, and it was through this tough journey that I discovered the transformative power of exercise. It has led me to a deeper understanding of the physical and mental aspects of fitness. This personal experience fuels my desire to become a better more personal trainer. Driven by the belief that physical fitness is not just about counting reps or following a routine, but about making real, impactful changes in people’s lives.

With over 20 years of experience, I have honed a science-backed approach to personal training, offering a variety of services that go beyond traditional exercise routines. My methods are not about using fancy tools; it's about hard work, dedication, and a personalized approach to each client's unique needs and goals. Whether it's working out in a gym, at home, or even through online training, I provide the guidance and accountability necessary to help clients break free from the habits that hold them back, empowering them to write a new, healthier chapter in their lives.

As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer with a degree from Michigan State University, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my practice. My approach is comprehensive, encompassing not just physical training but also aspects like nutrition, anti-aging strategies, and various fitness modalities including yoga, Pilates, and more. This holistic approach ensures that each client receives the support they need to achieve their fitness goals, improve their self-image, and enhance their quality of life.

In addition to my fitness services, I also offer a range of wellness treatments such as Ultherapy skin rejuvenation, red light therapy, and more, catering to the overall well-being of my clients. I am committed to staying at the forefront of fitness and health trends, continuously updating my knowledge and skills to provide the best possible service.

For anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey with a trainer who understands the importance of compassion, accountability, and personalized care, I am here to help you achieve your goals and transform your life



Every day, our fitness journey will be a new adventure, offering a variety of exercises to keep things fresh and exciting. We’ll explore different methods like yoga, cardio, Pilates, barre, strength training, and muscle building, ensuring that each day is a unique experience that breaks the routine. This approach isn’t just about exercising; it’s about building a lifestyle that continually challenges and invigorates you.

As your trainer, I’ll be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and support. While the person who inspired me began this journey with me 19 years ago and now remains with me in spirit, their legacy lives on in my approach to personal training. Together, we’ll create a fitness program that is as dynamic and varied as life itself, ensuring that each day is a step toward achieving your goals.



As your personal trainer, my role extends far beyond the gym floor. It’s not just about guiding you through a series of exercises or counting repetitions; it’s about providing a holistic support system tailored to your individual needs. My approach is grounded in accountability, compassion, and genuine care for your wellbeing. I’m here to motivate, encourage, and guide you through each step of your fitness journey, ensuring that every effort you make aligns with your goals. This personal and empathetic approach to training ensures that you’re not just going through the motions, but are truly engaged in a transformative process that considers your physical, emotional, and mental health.



In our journey together, we’ll focus on overcoming the negative habits that have been holding you back. It’s about transforming your challenges into strengths, rewriting the narrative of your fitness journey into one of empowerment and success. We’ll work on replacing those old patterns with positive, healthy behaviors, crafting a story that reflects your true potential. This process isn’t just about physical transformation; it’s about cultivating a mindset that fosters growth, resilience, and enduring change.


Where do we WORKOUT

New to working out with a personal trainer. I am here to provide a variety of training options, guidance, and friendly support
to help you stay on track and reach your goals

We Can Workout In a Big Box Gym

Crunch, Planet Fitness, Beach Bodies, Ive got memberships. no excuses

Anti Aging

Shocker I’m old. And I want to get older much older 🙂



workout in the comfort and safety of your own home with me and still enjoy  the accountability I provide


Ultherapy, fat zapping, red light, cupping, lasers, I’ve got all that stuff

In your Home

Cant come to me? Ill come to you

Nutrition Planning

transformative power of meal plans that go beyond

What do I do Next?


My expertise in personal training stems from a deep understanding and passion for guiding individuals toward healthier lifestyles. My focus is on educating and motivating clients in exercises and life choices that enhance strength, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being. This holistic approach leads to not only consistent weight loss but also a positive shift in self-image and life quality. I believe in compassionate yet firm accountability, creating a balanced environment where hard work is expected, but without the pressure of harsh methods. Punctuality and dedication are key in our sessions, ensuring we make the most of our time together to achieve your goals. I want to thank you for reading this page. If you've made it this far. Your ready to take the next step. Reach out contact me. Lets GO!
Jim Chenoweth
Jim Chenoweth
Fitness GURU
BS, Michigan State University, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer,
Something not many people know about me.. I am a fantastic Ballroom Dancer
Jane Candy
Jane Candy
No time? no problem. I have an app! we can do live streaming video workouts. plus log your progress and nutritional tracking right inside the app