Plyo Box Workouts Exercises You Are Going to do

Plyo Box workouts, great for in home workouts. They raise the heart rate and work the legs in a very small space. I use custom made boxes with have 12 14 16 18 and 21 inch heights. we will work our way up adding functional strength to your legs improving your balance and giving you a great cardio workout at the same time. this is a bullet list of plyo box moves.

1. Step-up- a great starter exercise. Build up leg strength here, before moving onto the box jump. Keep your knees behind your toes, drive through your entire foot, and feel your glutes powering the exercise.

2. Box squat- perfect to learn squat depth and box squats. Add a barbell to this exercise to increase your back squat numbers.

3. Box jump- you can jump up, then step down or jump up and jump down only to quickly jump back up to the box. These are ideal for increasing your reaction times and quickening your foot speed.

4. Single leg box jump- single leg training is a must if you wish to balance out both sides of the body. Most people have a dominant side and this can cause problems over time. Address this early in athletes. A balanced athlete is less susceptible to injuries.

5. Reverse lunges- another great single leg exercise that requires full range of motion to complete. This is a good test for athletes flexibility and balance. Add these to your warm-ups to really get the hips stretched out.

6. Push ups- elevating the feet makes them more challenging and fires up the delts. Squeeze your glutes hard during this exercise so your body stays perfectly straight, giving the abs a workout too.

7. Dips- works the arm flab. Try adding a box under your feet too for a more advanced dip.

8. Jump overs- these force you to tuck the knees and really jump. You can do these as shown in the video or line a few boxes up for an even better sweat.

9. Lateral jumps- often athletes only train forward and back movements, which can be detrimental to ones overall game. Add lateral work into your training to round out all areas.

10. Toe touches- these get the heart rate up and burn. Give these a go on a 20 inch box for an even better time. Try them after you’ve completed a sprint or do them in 30-60 sec intervals.

11. Burpee box jumps- an all over body burn. It will take you a second to get the timing, so keep working at it. Stay rigid throughout this entire exercise. Do not flop to the ground! Every burpee push up should be beautiful.

12. Glute bridges- best booty builder. When placing the feet on the box, you will get more hamstring activation.

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