eccentric back and biceps exercises big muscle break down

Eccentric training (also known as negative training) is a technique that allows you to push your muscles past their normal point of failure.

The idea of devoting entire workouts to performing eccentric only movements started back in the mid 70’s, so it’s a tried tested and true technique. Outside of the bodybuilding world, eccentric training is used by physio-therapists and doctors as a rehabilitation tool.

This is, in fact, the foundation of eccentric training. You increase both the intensity of the set by bringing it past the point of failure, as well as increasing the weight being used during a set.

However, the muscle fibers that are actually being recruited are receiving a much higher percentage of damage, therefore allowing these particular fibers to grow much bigger and stronger than otherwise possible.

Once the fibers that were activated during your negative training become bigger and stronger, you will then be able to handle heavier weight concentrically.

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To sum up, negative training is a great method of blow-torching a muscle group. You must severely limit the sets you perform and the number of training sessions to avoid overtraining.

If you do so, you will get bigger and stronger – faster than you ever imagined possible!

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