ballroom Dance Class

Tuesday nights we are having a beginner ballroom dance class at the SOS rec center 7pm to 9pm % dollars each come out and have some fun!

Gerobiotics: probiotics targeting fundamental aging processes

Here we propose a new term, “gerobiotics”, to define those probiotic strains and their derived postbiotics and para-probiotics that are able to beneficially attenuate the fundamental mechanisms of aging, reduce physiological aging processes, and thereby expand the health span of the host. Lactobacillus species – Of the more than 100 Lactobacillus species, the following are commonly […]

Preserving muscle function for healthy longevity

strategies that could potentially preserve muscle health and have a favorable impact on healthy longevity. Improvements in mitophagy might also improve muscle function in younger people, according to Louise Burke and John Hawley, sports nutrition researchers at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research at the Australian Catholic University. In collaboration with Amazentis, they are […]

The Hallmarks of Aging

The nine hallmarks of aging are genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication. Wow-what a mouthful, who knew? there is a new game in town. in the next few posts, I will be doing a deep dive into what these […]

Health and Fitness Cruise

Thank you so much for your inquiry about our Health and Fitness Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas. Here are the rates for this fun, educational, and inspiring trip! The rates include the cabin of your choice, tax and port fees, all meals and ship amenities. It also includes all of your exclusive […]

We are Moving!

Hold on to your hats we are on the move. Bigger Better more centrally located to serve you better 2545 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32904 across the street from the Olive Garden restaurant. target grand opening is Halloween The gym space is bigger plus. one major upgrade…..drum roll. access to the outside! we […]


take the fitness test from the convenience of your home. it takes about 45 minutes to get a good idea of your overall conditioning. there is no pass or fail. this gives me some basic information to assess your current physical conditioning. and a good starting point for your training. Call now 321-431-0824 or use […]

Covid 19

Gov. Ron DeSantis announces Florida gyms reopening Monday 5-18-2020 We will make every effort as always to provide a safe clean workout environment. Using a personal trainer has alway been the safest way to exercise. now is no different.