Preserving muscle function for healthy longevity

strategies that could potentially preserve muscle health and have a favorable impact on healthy longevity.

Improvements in mitophagy might also improve muscle function in younger people, according to Louise Burke and John Hawley, sports nutrition researchers at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research at the Australian Catholic University. In collaboration with Amazentis, they are measuring the effect of urolithin A performance of elite endurance athletes and taking muscle biopsies to measure mitochondrial changes. “In many sporting events, athletes will compete in several events to get the gold medal,” Burke says, adding that improved mitophagy might enable athletes to recover more quickly after a race, then perform at full strength within a couple of days

Most likely you are addressing only 2 ( exercise<diet) of the many things that can influence our muscle health. I can help make sense and implement practices that address all the pathways leading to a health and a strong lean you!


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