Do I need a gym membership?

You may have the impression that working with a personal trainer at a gym involves lots of weight lifting or sitting on some machine and listening to the trainer count

your reps.  That’s awful if you think that’s personal training, think again.  Gyms are small businesses they exist to make a profit. Getting you in shape is the last thing a

business owner wants. If you get in shape you will cancel your membership. “Membership churning” is a death nail to a membership-based business, trust me

business owners will say  and do anything to keep your automatic payments (EFT) coming in. These 30-minute franchises are a misleading disservice to the local

Satellite Beach community.  You need help, private coaching hands-on training, teaching you how to perform exercises with the correct form and combinations of

exercises done in a logical order to work your entire body, to invigorate your spirit. To give you the self-confidence you need to and change your kitchen habits and

start eating real food and living a healthy lifestyle. If you think you can buy that with a gym membership… you are still in denial.


So to answer the initial question, “Do I need a gym membership?”  obvious answer,  no you do not need a gym you need JIM 🙂

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