Floor Battle

Floor Battle

Finding excuses for not working out is easy, especially when lacking proper equipment. Sure, you might be on vacation and there might not be a gym nearby or even a pull up bar in the vicinity. A schedule goes out of the window, and staying consistent can be extremely hard while travelling. If you’re an intermediate level calisthenics athlete, you’ve already caught the bug of working out, and you feel sick if you don’t workout. You miss the  good old pull up bar, and the comfort of the parallettes. But the floor also poses a different challenge. There are many exercises that can be performed on the floor for both maintenance, and strength gain. In this article, we will see the different ways you can push your body to gain different skills and gain muscle at the same time

Extended Info

  • Major compound exercises like the pull up cannot be performed on the floor. But, related muscles can be activated using a couple of exercises.
  • The workout will be push dominant, and cardio will be mixed in between.
  • The aim will be back muscle maintenance, pushing improvement and skill improvement.
  • Keep the breaks for around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • The following is a week long schedule to follow:
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Skill work will mainly involve the planche and the handstand. The planche development will involve using a technique called Greasing The Groove. The optimal way of developing skill will be discussed in another article.

GTG is a technique that uses frequency to improve skills like the front lever and the planche. Basically, the exercise variation that you perform should be at around 50 to 80 percent of total hold time. Suppose that you want to progress to a straddle planche. This means that you have the tuck planche and the advanced tuck planche.

Do not choose a variation that you can hold only for a second. You will not develop by attempting a variation that is too hard to perform. Similarly, do not select an exercise variation that is too easy for you.