Donkey Calve Raises


Donkey calf raises work both heads evenly, so you don’t need to worry about shifting your feet during the exercise (although you can, if you want to target one of the heads over the other). The second muscle in the calf is called the soleus. This is a small, flat muscle that is located under the gastrocnemius.

One Leg

Point the toes forward and flex the calf while raising yourself up as high as possible. Lower back down to starting position. Then point your toes inward and flex your calf again.

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The weighted donkey calf raise is a strength and muscle-building exercise focused on the muscles of the lower leg, most prominently the gastrocnemius muscle. While traditional donkey calf raises involved either a specific machine or carrying another person on one’s back, this method uses a weight belt. It can be done in traditional muscle-building rep ranges, or for higher reps as part of lower-body training.