Ab Blaster Routine

Hanging Leg Raise

You need to stimulate your abdominal muscles with a careful selection of targeted exercises. You will commonly find sit-ups, crunches, and their variants in many people’s programs, but these moves tend to focus mainly on the upper abs. You neglect the lower portion at your peril. That’s where the hanging leg raise comes in.

When performed correctly, this is one of the finest abdominal exercises around. Here’s how you can include it in your routine.

Extended Info

The hanging leg raise is a tough exercise, so if you’re struggling with the full version you can make it a little easier by bending your knees as you lift your legs. You can also switch to this variation halfway through a set if the full hanging leg raise starts to become too difficult. It’s far better to bend the knees and carry on than have to stop mid-set.

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Performing the HANGING KNEE CURL

Hanging knee twist

For this variation you start in the top position of the hanging knee raise, with your knees tucked up towards your chest. Then twist your knees to the side slowly, bring them back to the centre and take them out to the other side, then return to the centre. You can then lower your legs before bringing them up for another rep, but if possible keep your knees raised throughout to maintain tension on your abs. The twisting motion targets the obliques, which will be neglected if you stick to up-and-down motions with your abs workouts.

Hanging V-sit

In the event that you start finding the regular hanging leg raise too easy, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your legs higher for greater abs-building benefits. Keeping your legs straight, raise them to the bar you’re hanging from, then slowly lower them. Hell, if you’re able to do that why not throw in a pull-up before each rep too, superstar.