Authorized Correct Toes Dealer

Happy to announce I am the only correct toes dealer in Brevard County Florida.  Here are a couple of picture of my first try with the appliance’s. I need help with my little piggies. my Hallux are in good shape but my middle, ring, and pinky toes are tucked under just wearing the correct toes for 30 minutes I can tell the difference Already.  Stop by the studio to try a pair on.  Naturally correct many common foot, knee and hip problems. I have been studying symptoms versus cause relating to injuries. I am convinced that if your toes aren’t straight yo can never get your knees and hips totally rehabbed.  Correct Toes are the simplest most effective way to realign your toes and feet. I am in the works establishing dealerships for shoes and socks that fit. You need to wear shoes that have a wide toes box, Lems, Altras, crocks etc.

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